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To feel peace in your Heart……………… what’s next atheists? / Hamed Ali Abdul Rahman

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 To feel peace in your Heart……………… what’s next atheists? / Hamed Ali Abdul Rahman
In the name of Allah the most gracious and merciful
Having peaceful Heart, Firm belief, and tranquility are greatest blessings from God
Why this article was written?
If you are a believer, this will add faith to your faith.
You may need some of the information contained in it to respond to atheists.
If there is something in your heart that makes you suspicious, this article will undoubtedly help you to filter it and bring it back to the common sense.
Human being is a different creature compared to other beings. These differences are represented in powers granted to him, freedom, will and mind. In this article, we will invest some of these powers and abilities and employ them in comprehension and understanding.
At the outset, I would like to say that “Although we are in the twenty-first century, science has come a long way, human thought has developed and human intelligence has multiplied over and over again, you would be amazed and surprised if you knew that there are people who still deny the existence of God.
The French philosopher Pascal says: “There are two types of people we may call wise; they are those who serve God because they knew Him, and those who search for Him because they do not know Him.”
The scientific / mental / philosophical evidence that led Anthony Flew to reject atheism is the concept of (intelligent design) which is provided in the scientific, philosophical and religious communities since the last quarter of the twentieth century. The concept of intelligent design reviews that “the universe genesis and its structure, as well as the origins of life and living organisms, is of a tremendous degree of complexity excludes the fact that it happened randomly and it is imperative that there is an intelligent, knowledgeable and mighty designer behind it”. "A Mind's Journey" / Dr. Amr Sherif.
Anthony Flew also said that “Evidence from modern science of an amazing complexity in the structure of the universe indicates the existence of an intelligent designer. Also, Modern research on the origin of life and what is revealed of the highly complex structure and amazing performance method of the DNA molecule confirm the imperative of the existence of the intelligent designer.” (Ibid).
(*)Antony Flew is a famous name in the fields of thought, philosophy, and atheism and he is considered one of the greatest atheists of the modern era. After Anthony Flew reached eighty years of age, he began to believe that there is God and wrote a book entitled (There Is a God(.The concept of " intelligent design" was adopted by a group of senior biologists, physicists, chemistry and mathematics scientists , as well as a group of philosophers. In this article, we will provide some examples.
Mental development makes man more intelligent in deduction, analysis, criticism and approach, so that it does not need physical evidence of the existence of God. Modern atheists reminded us with the early pre-Islamic eras, whose people were asking their prophets for tangible evidence of the existence of God, as they said that “"Show us Allah in public”. In the ancient times, people were less intelligent and this is enforced them to deny the existence of God. Their humble intelligence made them not grasp the return of life to a person after body decomposition.
Such denial and their demand for material evidence made God Almighty send successive messengers who gave good news as well as warning. Sometimes God sent a messenger or two at the same time or frequently as humans needed tangible evidences because of their narrow-minded and short-sightedness. Therefore, the evidence, Quranic verses, which the prophets and messengers used such as Milch camel of God, staff of Moses, table of Jesus…. Etc.
Then, we observe the evolution of human thought and this is a natural result due to the cultural and knowledge accumulations. Every generation builds its own culture and knowledge on the culture, knowledge, information and experiences of its predecessors, so knowledge grows and intelligence increases. Therefore, we find that our Prophet Muhammad didn’t narrate a purely material verse like other previous Prophets. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) came with an intellectual linguistic verse that discusses human intelligence, intellect and intelligence more than a material verse. Also, time periods between the Messenger and the other one varied ending with Prophet Muhammad, because people have become more intelligent and understanding that their need for someone to guide them to the existence of God, the Creator, has become less.
Therefore, most people in the twentieth century, who deny the existence of God, do not deny God existence out of ignorance, but rather stubbornness and fallacy. There are very few who deny the existence of God due to ignorance, that’s why most of atheists are of youngsters who lack knowledge.
God existence does not require proof, and it is shameful and rude to prove His existence, because this is one of the constants, absolutes, postulates and facts that are indicated by common sense and sound mind.
“ Daytime need no proof for its existence”
If anyone wants to prove God existence, he must search inside himself. He will inevitably find Him, and then he will find it in everything ( in a flower, butterfly, mountains, sky, clouds, atom, cell, etc.). So, what are external evidences and proofs that we provide to reach such peace of heart.
This was just an introduction and we will review more evidences:
In atheistic theories, atheists rely on the fact that the universe and life arose by chance as an extension or dependence on Darwin's theory of evolution but the truth is that it is a distortion. Evolution theory neither denies the existence of God nor contradicts with the idea of God existence. Their interpretation of the theory is that life began as a result of a random mutation followed by various ones, which resulted in this huge diversity of living organisms.
Many scholars responded to this interpretation, criticized it and refuted it. These responses were logical and scientific, and many books , volumes, articles and researches were written. I gave a lot of lectures and seminars regarding this matter, such information cannot be reviewed in this article. I have selected some of them and they are sufficient. Such evidences are sufficient for those who call for reasons and search for the truth only. As for those who search for evidences that conform to their demons and thoughts, then neither evidences nor volumes will suffice them.
Upon considering atheistic ideas, we will find the common denominators which are desires and sensualities. Therefore, they call for freedoms. They do not want restrictions or suppression of their freedoms. They see religions as interference in their private lives. On the other hand, they cannot get rid of laws stipulated by their countries. Therefore, such persons dare to criticize religion and God, but cannot criticize the state or deviate from its laws.
Therefore, fighting religion to get rid of restrictions is nonsense as restrictions exist anyway. Another topic that atheists ignore is “justice”. They see that wars, disasters, poverty and hunger are incompatible with divine justice and this is actually poor understanding, resulting from a short-sightedness of events. Achieving absolute justice among humans represented in (money, health, strength, power) is impossible due to uneven abilities. Therefore, absolute justice is achieved in Day of Resurrection, meaning that whoever is denied in the life of this world will be achieved in the Day of Resurrection to the fullest.
Hence, denying the idea of God existence excludes the justice they seek.
Also, it is noted that atheists suffer from inferiority, diseases, disabilities, deprivation, psychological problems, social problems...etc., therefore they put off a grudge on God and deny Him. This make us remember the woman whose five children died. Every year one of her children got sick and died. Her limited understanding made her say if there was a God HE would not have allowed the death of all my sons , so she disbelieved in God and couldn’t bear what happened to her.
Another example is “Stephen Hawking”, the famous physicist, the starter of modern atheism. He was physically handicapped. His theories and interpretations indicated his hatred of God, and therefore he strives to deny Him.
Hawking explained the emergence of our universe and the replacement of the role of God with the myth of the multiverse. Do you know how many universes that Hawking assumed with his calculations in his book (The Great Design) only to escape from the recognition of God Almighty that Newton, Einstein, Max Planck and other greats in physics respected. He assumed existence of 10 exponents – 500 universes.
In fact, this is similar to bringing a car disassembled with all the parts in front of you, and then an atheist asks you: What is the mathematical possibility of recombination of this car and making it work by chance and randomly??
Actually, the question is wrong and the answer is mathematically impossible because the parts will not interlock together without an expert. It is noted that we did not talk about making parts one piece at a time but we are talking about assembling them only. If it's impossible to assemble by sheer chance, how do you make it part by part, with different sizes and functions, and each part is proportional to the other part?
The following are more proofs:
At first, could you speculate the living cell (cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus, Organelles, endoplasmic reticulum, amino acids, DNA, etc.) . Each of them has a very precisely defined function. In a cell that extends beyond the sense of sight, many books and volumes were written and it became an independent science taught in universities. Is it possible to assemble all such parts and elements to combine with these functions at one time by sheer chance? Of course not. According to science, which set strict conditions , all these elements and functions meet in this consistency and this performance conditions confirm that it is not possible to meet all of these by chance.
If we believe that such items gathered by chance, even though the mind and science don’t accept that, the theory of evolution, random mutations make them reproduce randomly and then select by means of natural selection. If we consider that in just one organ, how about the other organs such as liver, heart, kidneys, lungs...etc. . The most important and impossible question to answer is how was the coordination between random mutations happened among various members, random mutations between two or three members that made interconnection, adaptation, coordination. Despite the difficulty of such process, it is a transgression that can be overlooked, but for random mutations to occur in more than a hundred members of the organism at the same time and be proportionate, interconnected and agreed to implement one function, this is scientifically impossible. In other words, a random mutation in the heart, adapts to its function and at the same time to the function of dozens of other organs. Such process cannot happen randomly as these ignore all laws of natural probability.
With regard to human being, it is considered impossible. As we mentioned earlier, there is a question that the theory of evolution cannot answer which is “How did marriage happened?” All explanations were weak. All organisms that are self-reproduction and maintain its offspring does not need another organism to help it in its mission. This is a very important rule, especially in the law of natural selection, making a creature need another being; this weakens it and reduces its strength. Again, I would like to draw attention: How was this partner created? And why was its existence necessary?
Marriage is a great evidence of the invalidity, inconsistency and insignificance of evolution theory therefore; it was mentioned in the quranic verses in more than one place.
Random mutations may be exceeded in one organism, but between two separate organisms it is impossible, because according to the theory of evolution each organism has its own independent mutations. How mutations occurred between two separate organisms to become complementary to each other, especially in vital functions. If we look at the reproductive system, pregnancy and childbirth, we will notice that this complementary harmony cannot be the result of random mutations.
Also, if species have descended by mutation, why do we not see infinite numbers of these transitional forms? According to this theory, there should be an infinite number of transitional forms, so why don’t we find them buried in countless numbers in the earth's crust. Why do we find only fully developed organisms, organs and functions?
Previously, we said that the living cell is so complex in its structure, therefore it is not possible to collect and install its elements of different structure and functions and meet by chance. We will skip all these efforts and mutations and examine a cell with full growth compounds and elements. The cell uprooted from the living organism, once separated from the living organism, the cell dies - can anyone return to it life? (O you atheists take this cell and return it into life). Of course it is not possible. Life issue is a complex case, not just a cell, enzymes, nuclei and mutations, and this is a proof that it cannot be formed randomly.
Another important issue is feelings (goodness, such as love, kindness, altruism, and mercy). Such theory contradicts with the theory of evolution, which depends on natural selection. Natural selection means jungle life (survival of the fittest), so where did the feelings of compassion and altruism come from?
Another point to be considered in the evolution issue is evolution, adaptation, and mutation that occur to some living organisms as a result of changing conditions and environments. This is an intelligent evolution created by God and it is the will of God Almighty.
Monkey proof*
The philosophical rule stated that: “A philosophical proof is complete if the evidence for the truth of the opinion meets with the evidence for the error of the opposite opinion. Therefore, I would like to review the refutation of Gerald Schroeder's (PhD in nuclear physics and the universe) in his book “Science of God” for the evidence that they call "monkey proof". Supporters of this view resemble the possibility of life by chance by a group of monkeys that constantly knocking on a computer keyboard. They argue that monkeys can write by chance, in one of their endless attempts, Shakespeare's Sonnet . Schroeder begins his refutation by presenting an experiment conducted by the British National Council of Arts. The researchers put six monkeys in a cage for a month, leaving a computer keyboard with them, after training them to tap its buttons, the result was 50 pages written without a single correct word, even if that word was a single letter like A, noting that there must be a space before and after letter “A” in order for us to consider it a word, and if the keyboard contains thirty keys, the possibility of obtaining a word from one letter by chance, upon each attempt, becomes 1/27,000.
After that, Schroeder applied these possibilities to Shakespeare's "Sonata" and came with the following results:
After counting the sonnet’s letters, it was found that they were 488, so what is the probability of writing the title of such poem by hitting the computer keyboard by chance (that is, the 488 letters are in the same order as in the sonnet)?
2. The probable result is one divided by 26 multiplied by 26, equals 488 times and this is equivalent to 10(-690). When scientists counted the number of particles in the universe (electrons, protons, and neutrons), they found 10 (80), meaning ( one followed by 80 zeros to the right). This meant that that there are not enough particles to run the experiments, and we will need 10 (600) more particles.
3. If we transform all the matter of the universe into computer chips, each of which weighs a part of a millionth of a gram, and we assume that each chip can make attempts, instead of monkeys at a speed of one million attempts per second, we find that the number of attempts that have been made since the creation of the universe is 10 (90) and this mean that you will need again a universe 10 (600) larger or a longer age of the universe by the same amount!
Chance has its Law (probabilities law), therefore, specialists did not leave any person to add anything to such law and provide evidences. According to Schroeder’s explanation, the rational proof on which atheism is based has completely collapsed. If we add to this the strength of the proof provided by the enormous complexity in the structure of the universe and the function of DNA, then we have completed the philosophical and scientific proof of the existence of God.

Again, upon reviewing the book of Anthony Flew “A Mind's Journey” translated by Amr Sharif, Anthony Flew says “My journey to God was a purely mental journey”. I followed the proof till the end and this time it led me to God who is self-sufficient, eternal, immaterial, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent” (article titled “Scientific Thinking and Religion / Prof. Dr. Othman Hammoud)
Also, there are proofs that fate is predestined and not purely a coincidence. A person dreams a dream and then such dream comes true, How can this happen if the events are not written and estimated? No matter how much they try to explain it through the subconscious mind or the psychological state, perhaps some of them can be explained by this logic. Many dreams cannot be the result of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind cannot predict the unseen, people you have never seen in your life and you have never met, you see them in a dream and then you see them in reality in the same form. Also, there are events, positions and places as if they were typical. This indicates that life is not a group of random mutations, it is accurately made.
Atheists assume that the universe runs according to fixed physical laws. If we meditate, we will find that these laws are among the greatest proofs of the existence of the God. Physical, chemical and biological laws, the laws of gravity, motion, speed, pressure, sound, light, the elements...etc. are fixed laws. A law means fixed values and rules and we can’t call a law with such name unless it is constant. The question here is whether it is possible for stable rules to arise as a result of chance and randomness? Chance and randomness never make it a proof. Randomness makes it changeable, and this negates the character of the law, how did you prove and stabilize this provision and agree with the rest of the other laws? Since they are fixed laws, this indicates that it neither come out of the blue nor randomly.
With scholars:
Albert Einstein: The author of “theory of relativity”, his name is synonymous with genius, what did he said about God?
“Einstein believed in a Creator who is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, and boundless by time or place”. In his writings, Einstein called God many names “Sublime Intellect, Infinite Supreme Spirit, the Supreme Mind.
His famous saying, “God does not play dice with the universe” is a sufficient proof for God existence. This meant that the laws of mathematics, physics or chemistry can never be wrong” A Mind's Journey” / Amr Sharif). God does not play dice means that it is not a random process. We can notice that in quranic verse “Not for (idle) sport did We create the heavens and the earth and all that is between! If it had been Our wish to take (just) a pastime, We should surely have taken it from the things nearest to Us, if We would do (such a thing)!
Isaac Newton :
Despite Newton's famous discoveries of movement and gravity, he warned against considering that world is just a machine, and said that gravity explains the movement of the planets, but it does not explain who moves the planets. God rules everything and knows everything that exists or can be done.
Werner Heisenberg
He is A German scientist who stated the following:
“Who administer the magnetic needle to settle towards the north or’ south?” it is a wonderful system governed by a wise and capable power, a power that, if it had disappeared from existence, the human being will face terrible misfortunes which are worse than nuclear explosions and wars of extermination.”
Darwin , the famous biologist, and author of the theory of evolution, proved in his autobiography the following:
“It is impossible to imagine that a massive universe of ours with a creature endowed with our immense human capabilities was emerged by sheer blind chance or because necessity is the mother of invention. When I contemplate the universe around me, I search for the first reason behind this existence, and I find myself motivated with an intelligent mind, and therefore I believe in the existence of God.
This is the opinion of the author of the theory of evolution and this urges us to come back to sense to reflect on the words of the atheist who exploited this theory and interpreted it in accordance with his whims.
When Darwin set the theory or hypothesis of evolution, he put it from a purely scientific standpoint that does not conflict with religions. Darwin tried to explain the evolution of living things and did not say that it began without a creator or that it occurs randomly or by chance.
In this regard, the great Chinese paleontologist Jin Yuan Shen said: In China, you can criticize Darwin, but you cannot criticize the government. In America, you can criticize the government, but you cannot criticize Darwin. The scientific community has come to accept that you can question the speed of light or the magnitude of gravity (which are scientific constants), but you can’t question Darwinism. Indeed, university professors in the United States who oppose Darwinism are being referred to administrative work and banned from teaching students.
Finally, we would like to review the opinion of philosopher John Fester, professor of philosophy at Oxford University, in his book (God is the Creator of Laws):
“If we acknowledge the existence of the laws of nature, then this regulation can be explained simply and to the fullest extent by the existence of GOD”.
Anthony Flew said: “If there is a God who controls the fate of man, then we are foolish if we don’t recognize Him and work on his pleasure. If we are unable to perceive metaphysics that we perceive with our senses, and from which the brain and all the cells of the living being are composed, this does not mean that there is no power that provides this substance with life and insight, but it only means that our senses are unable to perceive it directly.
Sharif (2011, p. 93) summarizes the sayings of these scholars by saying: “Scientists who acknowledge laws of God behind the universe, do not present proofs in order to defend a philosophical concept, but rather they express a reality that modern science has demonstrated and imposed on fair and logical minds, with binding and irrefutable argument”.
(Scientific Thinking and Religion / Prof. Othman Hammoud)
Dear all
I had collected a lot of information on this subject, but I preferred to be brief, because it conveys the same meaning and confirms the same truth. I realize that, whoever is not convinced by the previous proofs , despite its clarity, then he/ she is arrogant, he doesn’t not seek knowledge or truth, and therefore digression will not help. Perhaps we need an article or another topic that answers some deep questions related to this topic such as (good and evil, Libertarianism and Determinism, death and resurrection ... etc.), it is not the subject of our discussion now..
The main objective of our article is to prove that the universe was not created vainly and that there is an intelligent designer and a great, capable, dominant power that controls everything. This power is God Almighty.
If we ascertain the existence of the great, powerful, and capable Creator, it is intellect, intelligence and wisdom that we know and get closer to Him to feel strong and safe from danger. Ignoring all such matters is foolhardiness.
There is another question that comes to mind and is related to the topic, which is:
There are many religions that claim to be the right one, how can I know the true religion? Or how can I know I am following the right path?
The answer to this question needs volumes to explain, but I will give basic rules that will lead the truth seeker to reach.
The main and basic condition that must be fulfilled and agrees with what we have reviewed in this article is that this religion or this doctrine calls for oneness (a religion of monotheism). The religion acknowledges presence of one God without any partner, Who has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things). God Almighty said “ ( No son (or offspring or children) did Allah beget, nor is there any ilah (god) along with Him; (if there had been many gods), behold, each god would have taken away what he had created, and some would have tried to overcome others! Glorified be Allah above all that they attribute to Him! ).
The second condition:
There must be a methodology by which we worship and get closer to God, explain the method of worship and transactions. Such methodology must be placed by God Himself, without any distortions. One of the conditions for its validity is the frequency of narrators, transferring from one to another until reaching the Messenger who was sent by God. The closer the Messenger was to the era in which we live, the more accurate the sayings transmitted about him. In a more clear sense, we must follow what was transmitted by the last Messenger.
The third condition: this religion must complement previous ones and recognize the rest of the heavenly religions or sects. Divinely revealed religions sent by God, therefore we must believe in all of them. These religions are a wonderful, elaborate and completely compatible system that proves the oneness of Allah. If we deny one of the heavenly religions or deny one of the messengers, we will necessarily deny the rest because the Sender is one “God”.
I did my best to provide important and useful information; I hope it provided the necessary help
Prepared by: Hamed Ali Abdul Rahman



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